This billboard campaign, “Created in His Image…YOU!” was born in the heart Lisa Winchell, over 8 years ago. Lisa was traveling all summer and began to see these words on a billboard in her heart. It stirred such excitement, she returned home, told Mark and from then until now she has written down, and pursued everything the Lord has given her regarding this campaign.  An executive plan was drawn up, and the next step in the works!

Mark and Lisa have resided in Florida, with their son Joshua, for a combination of 15 years. Lisa is an N.C.C.A. Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, Masters in Clinical Christian Counseling, and Minister of Counseling. She has operated In His Image Institute of Counseling and Training for 15 years. Lisa is passionate about restoring individuals to their true identity in Christ. She does this through Created in God’s Image Workshops, Temperament Therapy, Christ-Centered Counseling, and Training and Credentialing other counselors to know how to lead their clients into an overcoming Life in Christ. Lisa has an anointed ability to bring healing to those she ministers to by unveiling how much God loves them, who God has created them to be in Christ, and who God has created them to be as a unique individual. Lisa has also taught in jails, churches, conferences and homeschool groups.

In His Image Institute of Counseling and Training, is a not for profit corporation. “Created in His Image…YOU!” billboard campaign, is a mission of In His Image Institute of Counseling and Training, Inc.

Mark has held a key position at Love a Child, Inc. for 6 years, in gift processing. Love A Child is in the top 1% of charities, as rated by Charity Navigator.  Mark, therefore, was able to build expert skills and ability in gift processing to be transferred into the administration of this billboard campaign.  Mark, presently works for National Christian Counselor Association. He loves singing on the worship team, at church, leading others into the presence of God! He has taught men’s bible studies, children, and youth groups throughout the years.