To draw the heart’s of man back to their Creator, through revealing their true identity, and from where they came.  The Word of God says, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Therefore, our mission is to change the image people have in their mind of who they are, and  where they came from, empowering a change in their direction, eternally and presently.

To answer God’s call to reach His lost children,  and restore their true identity.


Genesis 1:27 We have been created in His Image, as a three part being and able to bear His Image of love, righteousness, and holiness to the world.

2 Corinthians 5:17  Through Christ we have been redeemed and our identity has been restored in fullness.

God’s whole plan for this earth started with Him creating us in His Image!! It all started there! His Word says, that “as a man thinks so is he”.  He gave us an image to think on and live from.  He created our imagination to be a powerful tool in the direction of our life and eternity.  We see in the Bible,  what God has done when large portions of mankind become so twisted in their thinking that they saw themselves as their own god. In Genesis, we see at the tower of Babel, God says, “they imagined and were in unity, and nothing could stop them.” They were trying to be like God, apart from Him,  and it all started in their imagination. So God stopped them.  In Noah’s day, the people were so full of sin in thought and action that He sent a flood to destroy them all.

God speaks about the mind over a hundred times in the Bible.  We are warned and encouraged to set our minds on things above, things that are true, peaceable, and on God Himself and who we are in Him.

He spoke, in Jeremiah 31:21, of setting up road signs and guideposts to remind them from where they came. He said to write the scripture on the doorpost and upon their foreheads. In Luke 14:23, we see the command to, “go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled”.

That is what we are doing. We are called to be a part of God’s plan to change the hearts and minds of  the people in our country to reveal who they truly are to God, and who they are in Christ.  In Nehemiah’s day, he was called to repair the breech, rebuild and raise up the wall in Jeruselum.  Our mandate is do the same in America!

A prayer line will be set up, as well as a resource line. We are building relationships with ministries and churches in different communities, to build a referral system, and raise financial support. We will reach millions, and we desire to get each person who calls in plugged into the Body of Christ in their own community.