In the beginning, God said, “Let us create man in Our image”. You were conceived in the heart of God. To fully understand where you come from, you must understand the heart of Him who created you. The Bible tells us God is love, and love seeks out someone to bestow that love upon.  Since God is the Eternal Creator, He created for Himself a family that He could share His love with eternally.  He, a loving Father, created YOU from His heart.  He knew you before you were even in your mother’s womb, in the secret place where He dreamed you up.

The book of John describes it this way (paraphrased) In the beginning was God, and all things, (including you and me), were made. We were made through Him and without Him nothing was made.  So this tells us that our life was not an accident. We were planned, formed, fashioned, and wanted at the beginning, and all the way through our life. Your circumstances may not have been perfect, but you were created perfectly in His eyes. God rejoices over you! The Bible says, he dances over you jubilantly! He planned before the creation of the world for you to be full of His life, joy, holiness, and blamelessness.  He knows you, and is acquainted with your present sorrows and weaknesses.  But, He is calling you today to His life and life more abundantly in Him. When was the last time someone rejoiced over you – had joy over you, planned for you to be blameless? He sees the very best in you. His love and value of you is unconditional, not based on your actions.  Next time someone asks you where you came from, you can confidently say “I am from the mind and heart of Father God!”

You might ask, “so why do I not feel blameless, and joyful”?  God created you to operate under free will. Our Father God wanted a family that would have relationship with Him and love Him by their own free will.  With that free will, we have not chosen His ways, or His love, above our own. But, He knew in His foreknowledge, that we would not.  So He prepared Himself, as God the Son, to be the sacrifice for our sin.  For sin can not live in the presence of God, He had to wash it away or He could never be with you and me again.  One life, for many lives.  When Jesus shed His blood for you and I, our sin was washed away. We are now able to come back into God’s presence, through Jesus Christ.

When Jesus rose again from the dead, He also gave us life, this was Him bringing us back to where we came from. He restored our identity.  But we must each, first, say and believe, ” Yes Lord, I am a sinner and I believe that you are the Son of God, I ask you to wash away my sins and be my Lord and Savior.” If you said that prayer, from now on you are a new creation in Christ, and all the angels in heaven are rejoicing with you!  You have been redeemed by God Himself! God sees you as perfect, holy, and blameless in Christ Jesus! He sees you in His righteousness, and asks that you see yourself the same way, and receive all of His love for you every day.  He is a happy Father!  He has won your heart back!