One of our board members heard these words from God:

“Identity Crisis”. That is the issue in America and across the globe today. People are searching for who they are.

They think they are who others say they are.

They think they are their occupations and roles.

They judge their worth by the size of their wealth.

They think they are the sum of the actions that they have performed or committed in the past.  The world is telling them they may not be who it appears they are.

So they search and search for themselves when they should be searching for me! I have created them for a purpose and a calling. Apart from that purpose, they will have no purpose. Apart from knowing me, they will never know who they are. When they ask the question “who am I?” they will find the answer in the reflection of that statement… I AM who I AM! That is my eternal name. Until they know who I AM or until they know I AM they will never know who they are. Their search should not be for themselves but for me! In their search to know me, they will come to know themselves I AM the mirror that shows them their reflection. Everything on Earth ether reflects or rejects me. I give identity to those who seek me. There is no crisis in my Kingdom. To know who you are you must know I AM.” (Michelle Rumreich)