Headshot of Darlene Couse

Darlene is a retired, Trust Administration Associate for Northern Trust Bank. She supported the Trust Officer with managing client’s Trust Accounts. She worked as a Trust Administration Assistant, responsible as support for all Able Band IRA Trust Loan payments and support person for investment objective directives and codings on a Trust system.  She has also worked for several banks and brokerage firms over the years. 

Darlene has been married for 27 years to George, who runs his own professional handyman service. They have 4 kids between them and Darlene’s greatest joy is running Grandma’s Day Care for her grandchildren, in her retirement years. 

Darlene loves the Lord with all her heart and has been very active in local church leadership and volunteering. She is a prayer warrior, involved in several prayer groups! She loves art and oil painting. The Lord showed her, years ago, a vision of wallpapering the country with His truth. Therefore, she right away connected with the HisImage.me Billboard Campaign and agreed to join the Board.