Our vision is that all people will awaken to who God has created them to be.

The first thing God said about mankind, in the Word of God, is “let Us create them in Our own image.” This is where we all came from, His heart, His love, His Image, and He is calling people back to Him!

We have launched a media and billboard campaign, to ignite a movement, empowering people to see themselves through the eyes of God!!

Check out the Awaken the Nation Campaign Here!

Three goals for the movement are:

  1. To draw people back to God, through an encounter with His love and value for them.
  2. To empower God’s people to walk in their true identity, Christ in them! Walking in His righteousness, love, and spiritual authority on this earth.
  3. To change the culture as each person sees others through God’s image in that person.

Together we can restore the identity of our nation, and it’s people! Man’s deepest need is a sense of worth. A need that only God can meet fully. But people must be taught Who we came from, and who they truly are in Him!

We see people awakening everywhere to who God has created them to be, as they see the billboard, and come to the website to learn more about who they are to God and in and through Christ!

This is our mission, Restoring people to their true identity in God through Biblical awareness and education!