When a sculptor fashions a piece of work, he has to start somewhere. He has to have an idea or an image to start with and build on. Nothing can be created from nothing. In the beginning, God said, let us create man in our image. God declared that we, all of humanity, would be created in His likeness. We are of one kind, called humanity. God did not create us with divisions, but as one race created in His Image. You might be asking, “why does it matter who’s image I was created in?”  Good question! This is why, God said, “as a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” You will be who you see yourself as.  So He conceived you in His own heart, His own image. Long before you were in your mother’s womb, and long before man spoke any word over you, God spoke over you. He fearfully and wonderfully made you. Think about that, fearfully. Not the kind of fear as in being afraid, but the kind that brings awe or admiration. He was in awe of you when He created you! He declared that you would be in His Image, full of His joy, love, goodness, and righteousness. He spoke all your gifts and strengths into you and set you in the world to bring heaven on earth.

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden, they lost the truth of their identity and became separated from the Source of their identity. That is why they instantly felt naked, vulnerable, fearful, guilty and shameful. Even so God still called man the apple of his eye, reminding the human race, years after Adam and Eve, that man was created a little lower then the heavenly beings, and that He crowned us with glory and honor. He made us rulers over the works of His hands, and put everything under our feet, all the flocks, and herds and the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and the fish of the sea.

The Word of God says, “the Lamb (Jesus) that was slain from the foundation of the earth” for our sins.  After reading this and many other scriptures, one day, I saw an image of what this must have looked like.  JESUS SAYS, “FATHER I WANT TO CREATE THEM”, GOD THE FATHER SAYS, “IF YOU DO, YOU WILL HAVE TO DIE FOR THEM”.  JESUS SAYS, “I WILL”!   God Himself had a plan from the beginning of creation, to redeem us back to our true identity, in all it’s fullness.  Jesus, His Son, would come and become one of us, and do what Adam didn’t do, completely obey God and live without sin. Once He did that, He then qualified to be the perfect sacrifice for our sin, to wash our sin completely away and restore us to our true identity in Christ. He bought us back, to our loving Father God. He sanctified us and justified us, through His death and resurrection. For all who turn to Him, repent, believe and receive, each is restored back to our true identity. 

We are transformed daily by the renewing of our minds to the experience of this new identity, as children of the living, and loving God! We are of a royal priesthood, a holy nation. We are new creations in Christ Jesus. Dig in to the Word of God and find out the truth about how much your are loved and who you truly are to God.  Meditate on these truths allow them to change the image you have in your mind of yourself.   He created you to live from how you see yourself. Whether you realize it or not, He gave you your identity. Man’s study in psychology, confirms that how we see ourselves will determine how we feel, and then we act out of that feeling, in turn your actions create consequences (bad or good) which will determine your destiny. God intended our identity to be a security for us, a place of wholeness, joy, peace and love.  A place that would always draw us back to His amazing love for us, our destiny!!